Demand response: Honeywell and Tata Power Delhi Distribution


Honeywell and Tata Power Delhi Distribution have implemented a automated demand response (ADR) programme.In India, Honeywell and Tata Power Delhi Distribution (TPDDL) have partnered in an automated demand response project which will improve energy reliability for commercial and industrial entities in Delhi.  By linking more than 160 buildings in its distribution network, TPDDL will be able to more effectively managed the load to its C&I customers.

The project will enable a ‘resource efficient, environmentally friendly grid,’ Honeywell reported, and will enable better balancing of supply and demand in order to reduce power disruptions. Commercial and industrial customers will also thus be able to better manage energy usage and costs.

Employing Honeywell’s Akuacom software as a service (SaaS) coupled with smart meters, building systems will automatically enable load-shedding measures to bring the grid back into balance.

According to the Economic Times, demand for electricity in Delhi has almost doubled over the past decade. With an increasing gap between demand and supply, utilities are under pressure to more effectively manage resources and ensure stable supply.

If this technology were to be adopted across India, it is predicted to reduce consumption by approximately 7% or 10.5GWh. It is predicted to reduce peak demand by 11.5MW for TPDDL.

“This is an initiative — one that supports our mission to build a resource-efficient, environmentally friendly electrical grid,” Praveer Sinha, CEO & ED of Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited told the Economic Times. “We are committed to extend ADR [automated demand response] to other customers, thus playing a role in helping to meet Delhi’s energy needs.”