DIGENOR to inspect meters for fraud


Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic — (METERING.COM) — July 29, 2008 – An agreement has been concluded to use the Dominican Republic’s General Directorate for Standards and Quality Systems (Dirección General de Normas y Sistemas de Calidad, DIGENOR) for the inspection of electric meters suspected of tamper.

The agreement, concluded between the Superintendent of Electricity, the electricity distribution companies, the Secretary of State of Industry and Commerce and DIGENOR, gives effect to Article 125-8 of the General Law of Electricity as amended by Law 186-07, which mandates the inspection by the laboratory of electrical measurement equipment suspected of tampering but not evident to the naked eye.

Other signatories to the agreement were the Secretaries of State for Finance and the Economy and Planning and Development, which will provide technological equipment and the human resources for these activities.

In terms of the agreement the distribution companies will pay on a provisional basis for the necessary laboratory tests on the equipment that they send to DIGENOR.

At the same time DIGENOR has agreed to recruit appropriately qualified personnel and to apply all the resources at its disposal to the detection of fraud.