Distribution grid: Oracle’s new platform allows for RE integration

Oracle's Utilities Network Mangement System complies with Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Advanced Distribution Management Systems, which evaluates technology vendor capabilities relating to modernizing distribution grid operations
Oracle’s Utilities Network Management System complies with Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Advanced Distribution Management Systems, which evaluate technology vendor capabilities relating to modernizing distribution grid operations

In the US, IT giant Oracle has updated its smart grid software Utilities Network Management System in a bid to assist utilities more effectively integrate distributed energy resources to better manage load and improve grid reliability.

The latest version – Utilities Network Management System – features an advanced distribution management system [ADMS] and claims to allow for greater flexibility in terms of how distribution grid data is managed in a bid to reduce costs and improve reliability.

Oracle said the new iteration also aims to help energy providers integrate consumer-generated energy, including rooftop solar and other renewable technologies, such as wind turbines, and batteries, a function that SCADA systems cannot support.

Rodger Smith, senior vice president and general manager at Oracle, said: “The management system supports vital distribution automation to the substation and distributed generation management thanks to a scalable, real-time data model and optimization engine.

“These capabilities are built on one of the world’s best outage management systems, as demonstrated during Superstorm Sandy … utilities need a storm-proven, scalable ADMS platform that also manages distributed energy resources.”

Innovari and Trilliant platforms for smart grid

Oracle’s new offering follows US grid situational awareness company Innovari and communications platform provider Trilliant in January announcing a partnership to deliver multiple real-time smart grid benefits to utilities’ operations and customers.

The interoperability of Innovari’s grid performance analysis with Trilliant’s two-way secure communications will provide utilities with deep grid situational awareness data for use in demand-side management, grid system optimization, renewable and distributed energy resources integration, and customer empowerment.

David Kranzler, senior vice president of Networks at Trilliant, said: “A central theme to the smart grid is choosing the communications network that offers superior performance today, as well as flexibility for future applications.”