DLMS/COSEM in the forefront of smart metering standardisation


Standardisation of multi-utility smart metering systems is a high priority task all over the world. Although many standards are already in place, they have to be integrated into a coherent suite, identified gaps have to be filled, new requirements have to be considered, and new technologies have to be adopted.

In Europe, this task is addressed by two major initiatives: the OPEN meter research project and the Smart Metering Standardisation Mandate M/441 of the European Commission.

The OPEN meter project brings together 19 market leading utilities, manufacturers and technology companies to identify requirements, to assess existing standards and technologies, to develop new technologies, to test the new solutions, and to propose standards for European standardisation. The final work package, Proposal of standards, started in March 2010, and the whole project should be completed in June 2011.

The M/441 standardisation mandate has been given by the European Commission to the three regional standards organisations, ETSI, CEN and CENELEC, to specify standards for additional smart metering functions and for communication architectures and protocols. The first report on communication architectures and protocols can be expected by the end of Q2 2010, and the final standards covering additional smart metering functions by the end of 2011.

The DLMS UA is actively contributing to both projects and the DLMS/COSEM specification – internationally standardised as IEC 62056 for electricity metering and EN 13757-1 for metering other than electricity – has been selected as a core standard by these projects.

DLMS/COSEM supports many smart metering functions from the beginning. The Blue Book specifying the COSEM data model was updated in February 2009. Edition 9.0 supports many new functions for smart metering, including load management, customer information, event management, revenue protection and data security.

A new Edition 10 is in preparation. A new edition 7.0 of the Green Book, specifying DLMS messaging and communication protocols was issued in December 2009. It supports a new S-FSK PLC profile, data security using advanced cryptographic methods, and block transfer for SN referencing.

The current work of the DLMS UA is driven by actual smart metering projects, the OPEN meter project and the EU standardisation work. The revision of IEC 62056 and EN 13757 will be launched in the coming weeks.

It is expected that two new DLMS/COSEM protocol stacks, using OFDM modulation and supporting higher speeds to enable internet traffic, will result from the OPEN meter project and will reach international standardisation.

For more information please contact the DLMS User Association at Chemin de Merdisel 9, CH-1242 Satigny- Geneva, Switzerland, dlms@dlms.com, or visit www.dlms.com.

Gyözö Kmethy, President
Paul Fuchs, General Secretary