DLMS/COSEM – Knowledge And Information Distribution


Distributing knowledge and information about DLMS/ COSEM and its applications is one of the important activities of the DLMS User Association. Training seminars and consultations are important tools for informing existing and potential users about the specification and latest developments. They also provide feedback on the expectations of new users and everyday experiences. These events also give great networking opportunities.

Since the first preconference seminar given at the Metering Europe conference and exhibition in Amsterdam in 2002, the DLMS UA has used this opportunity each year to meet and inform its existing and potential members on the specification.

Given the growing interest from Asia in DLMS/COSEM, since 2006 the Association has also participated in the Metering Asia events, and hosts the DLMS/ COSEM pre-conference seminar. The seminars held in Beijing in 2006 and in Bangkok in 2007 attracted experts not only from Asia, but from all over the world as well.

In addition, the Association has been invited to present tailor-made training seminars. The largest event of this kind took place in Bangalore, India, in 2004, where some 150 people attended a four-day seminar and never stopped bombarding the seminar leader with questions.

In May this year, the Association was invited to give a similar training course in Seoul, Korea. From this country, 13 members have joined the DLMS User Association following the strategic decision of KEPCO to use IEC 62056 DLMS/COSEM for its communicating meters. There were 42 participants on this 3-day seminar.

During these years, more than 300 attendees have received up-to-date, first hand information.

The next seminar is offered as a pre-conference seminar to Metering Europe to be held in Vienna, Austria on 1 October 2007. In this event, results of the PLC standardisation work will also be given (see Smart Energy International 2/2007, page 13).

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