DLMS user association at Metering Europe


DLMS user association at Metering Europe

Once again the DLMS User Association took an active role at the Metering Europe Conference, the important information hub on energy information exchange, held in Amsterdam from 1-3 October.

Prior to the conference, the first official DLMS/COSEM training seminar took place. On this full day seminar, 17 people from utilities, manufacturers and system providers took part from many countries, demonstrating a global interest. The training material, a PowerPoint presentation of 200+ slides with detailed comments, is made available for DLMS UA members, and more training seminars will be organised by the DLMS UA. They are also available on request.

The latest developments, including the Conformance Test Tool and the devices which have already obtained certification, were presented at the DLMS UA exhibition booth. Our booth attracted a lot of attention and several new members were registered, pushing membership up to 50. During the conference two presentations were given on DLMS/COSEM. Paul Fuchs and Gyozo Kmethy, on behalf of the DLMS UA, gave a ‘mini’ version of the training seminar, and Joachim Sztochaj, on behalf of Euro DCS, presented the Conformance Test Tool.

The DLMS UA Annual Meeting, the sixth now, was held during the conference. The main achievements in 2002 – the publication of the international standards by the IEC for electricity metering and CEN for gas, water and heat metering, the availability of the conformance certification scheme and the availability of the training package – were acknowledged. The meeting also set the objectives for the next year. The focus will be on the system side, and more effort will be made to disseminate information and promote the available products, in order to lower the entry level. In this process, the DLMS UA web site at http://www.dlms.com/ will keep playing an important role.

On the standardisation side, the DLMS UA will work on a method which allows using the COSEM application for meter data exchange over the Internet. It is planned that this new specification will be injected into the international standardisation process via the liaison established this year between the DLMS UA and IEC TC 13 WG14, the committee responsible for standards on electricity meter data exchange. To speed up the process, the IEC Publicly Available Specification (PAS) process will be used. The results are expected by Q3 2003.

The General Meeting elected the new management committee. The members are Rene Gourc (Actaris, France), Cyril Galabert (EdF, France), Martin Wisy (EMSYCON, Germany), Touko Salo (Enermet, Finland), Gyozo Kmethy (Euro DCS, Germany), Giovanni Riboldi (Goerlitz, Italy) and Thomas Schaub (Landis & Gyr, Switzerland). Gyozo Kmethy was re-elected as President and Paul Fuchs was re-appointed General Secretary.

Please contact us for more information or any question about the DLMS User Association at Pre-de-la-Fontaine 19, CH-1217 Meyrin-Geneva, Switzerland, e-mail: dlms@dlms.com, or visit our website www.dlms.com.

Gyozo Kmethy, President