DLMS User Association – Standards keep pace with needs



An important factor in the success of DLMS/COSEM, the standard of choice for automatic meter data exchange, is the proper international standardisation process. This covers not only establishing new standards, but also updating the existing ones to meet new needs. To gain maximum acceptance, to facilitate implementation and to decrease costs, DLMS/COSEM standards are based on existing, general purpose, widely-used standards wherever possible.

The work to update the standards published early in 2002 has advanced well. The new standards to be published in 2005 will be:

  • IEC 62056-46 Amd. 1, Data link layer using HDLC protocol, improves the efficiency of data exchange.
  • IEC 62056-53 Ed. 2.0, COSEM application layer, adds new, Internet based communication profiles. With this, DLMS/COSEM becomes a new, standard internet application, which may co- exist with popular applications like FTP, e-mail and so on.
  • IEC 62056-61 Ed.2.0, Object identification system (OBIS), defines new identifiers for enhanced metering functions, like power quality, power supply monitoring, transformer and line losses and many more.
  • IEC 62056-62 Ed .2.0, Interface classes, defines new interface classes for setting up the Internet-based communication channels, adds new security mechanisms, and further improves interoperability.
  • A new standard, IEC 62056-47, COSEM transport layer specifies how to transport COSEM APDUs using the TCP-UDP transport layers, residing over the Ipv4 network layer and standard data link and physical layers.

The standard maintenance process is supported by the DLMS UA, in co-operation with IEC TC 13 WG 14 and CEN TC 294 WG 2.

To secure up-to-date information for users, the latest information is made available to members of the DLMS UA in the “coloured books”. This year the 7th edition of the Blue Book (Identification System and Interface Classes) and the 5th edition of the Green Book (Architecture and Protocols) will be published.

To allow testing of the new features, the Conformance Test Tool (specified in the Yellow Book) will also be updated this year.

Please contact us for more information or any question about the DLMS User Association at Pre-de-la-Fontaine 19, CH-1217 Meyrin-Geneva, Switzerland