DLMS user association – Training and Seminars


The first official DLMS/COSEM training seminar, held as a pre-conference to the Metering Europe Conference 2002 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, was a real success. Nearly 20 participants followed the one-day course, and an active exchange of ideas took place.

As a next step, a one- or two-day seminar was announced on our web site. The seminar was planned in April, and a beautiful site in Budapest was proposed. Interestingly enough, a large local interest led to a change of plans: the seminar was held in Hungarian, and more than 40 participants updated their knowledge of DLMS!

The structure of the seminar has been updated and enhanced with practical examples. It consists of the following chapters:

  • Main concepts of COSEM/DLMS: support of metering all energy types, selective and secure access, flexibility, innovation, sup- port of various communication media, interoperability, ease of system integration
  • COSEM object-oriented model, the inter- face classes and their use
  • Using the model: the xDLMS data com- munication services
  • Communication profiles, protocol stacks
  • Demonstration of a DLMS/COSEM-based data collection system with meters from various manufacturers
  • Conformance testing
  • Practical implementation examples
  • Daily support of users through the website.

What do we offer now for those wanting to follow the seminar in English? Plans are well advanced to organise the next DLMS/COSEM training seminar as a pre-conference to the Metering Europe Conference 2003, to be held in Paris on 30 September 2003. Please keep checking the DLMS website; news will be published there as soon as it is available.