Dr. Ernest Moniz sworn in as U.S. Secretary of Energy


Dr. Ernest Moniz, former Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) physicist, has been sworn in as the 13th U.S. Secretary of Energy.

In his first public speech hours after the swearing in at the 2013 Energy Efficiency Global Forum, Secretary Moniz, whose research focus has been on energy technology and policy, highlighted the importance of the clean energy and climate agenda, saying that energy efficiency is going to be a big focus going forward.

“This has been my motivation for returning to government service, and is central to what the president wants to achieve.”

Moniz highlighted the advancement of demand side solutions, commenting that he didn’t see solutions to the nation’s biggest energy and environmental problems without the demand side playing an important part in that.
Moniz also promised that the DOE would work more closely with the states in addressing issues such as efficiency.