Type: DTS51B/DSS51B Three Phase Static Watt-hour Meter

Accuracy: 1.0,2.0

Power loss: ≤2W/7VA

Nominal voltage: 100V; 220V

Nominal current: 1.5(6)A; 5(20)A; 10(40)A; 15(60)A; 20(80)A; 30(100)A

Frequency: 50Hz

Others: Run with no-load design


1. Functions and Features

1.1) Measurement Function
a. Active energy consumption measurement

1.2) Real-time Measurement Function
a. Instantaneous active power measurement

1.3) Output Port
a. Active test impulse output port

1.4) Display:Register

2. Technical Characteristic
Reliability:Simple structure with high reliability
Stability:No calibration needed during long working period with high stability

DTS51B/DSS51B Three Phase Static Watt-hour Meter