DTSF67 three phase four wire static meter, class 1, have anti-tamper and tariff functions.


Conformed standards:

  • Chinese GB/T 17215-2002 Alternating current static watt-hour meters for active energy (classes 1 and 2) equivalent to IEC 1036.
  • Indian IS 13779-1999 and CBIP Technical Report No.88.
  • International standards IEC 61036-2000. 


 3x240 (-40%-20%) 
External Magnetic Effect
Rated Voltage 
Nominated Current
 20(100) A
Accuracy Class
 Active: 1.0 / Reactive: 2.0
MD Period
 15/30 Minutes
Frequency Range
 50Hz A5%
History of Reading
 6 Months
Power Factor Range
 Zero Lag - Zero Lead
 6 Tariffs, 6 Periods
Meter Constant
 600 imp/kWh
Load Survey
 15-Min, 60-Day
Starting Current
LCD Display
 8-digital, IDs
Accuracy of RTC
LEDs for Status Ind
Power Consumption
Voltage circuit: U1W, 4VA
Current Circuit: U2VA
Operating Temp
 -10¡æ~ +60¡æ
HV Test
Storage/Transport Temp.
 -25¡æ~ +70¡æ
Impulse Test
Max.Relative Humidity 
Surge Test 
 1.5 kg