Today’s world is one of competition and market driven economy. Energy costs are rising, but on the other hand there is a need to be globally competitive, not only to grow but just to survive. In addition, there is need to comply with new Energy Conservation Laws coming into force across the world, with mandatory Energy Audits.

PRI presents E-Watch + … A tool to enhance your Energy Conservation and Utility Management efforts, helping you to keep track of running costs and meet the demands of a more environmentally conscious world.

E-Watch + is an automated on-line data acquisition, operation support and reporting  system which gathers data from PRI ELITE meters fitted with the RS 485 serial communication system using the MODBUS protocol. Features include: online monitoring, layout diagrams, instantaneous electrical data reports, consumption reports and alarm processing.

 – Energy audit & accounting
 – Loss assessment
 – Verifying performance of Energy Conservation measures
 – System management 
 – Analysis
 – System planning
 – Process Monitoring
 – Power quality issues
 – Wide range of reports for different levels / functional group