EDMI will supply its ultrasonic gas meters to 2i Rete Gas, a company that distributes natural gas for domestic and industrial use based in Italy. EDMI’s range of Helios ultrasonic gas meters will be deployed by 2i Rete Gas, complying with the Italian energy regulator, AEEGSI’s mandated smart gas meter rollout. PRNewswire reports that EDMI’s smart gas meters ‘are highly innovative and compact, employing mass market-proven static measurement technology. … The meters have a high level of ingression protection, with a rating of IP67, and a wide operational temperature range of -25 degrees Celsius to +55 degrees Celsius with remote and local operation of the valve.’


2i Rete Gas will receive 45,000 meters for the first phase of rollout. EDMI’s two new Hellio’s gas meter models are customised for the Italian market and will be installed in eight cities across Italy. The meters installed are to be accompanied with wireless M-BUS communications for the remote gas meter reading. Five percent of the meters installed in rural areas will be supplied with point-to-point technology (GSM-GPRS).

In 2006, Italy contributed to Europe’s deployment of 35 million smart electricity meters and anticipates having the same success in expanding its advanced gas utility infrastructure.