EDP in Brazil to work with University of Sí£o Paulo on smart grid R&D


Antonio Pita de
Abreu, CEO, EDP
in Brazil
São Paulo, Brazil — (METERING.COM) — October 17, 2011 – EDP in Brazil and the University of São Paulo have signed an agreement on the development and testing of new smart grid technologies.

The agreement last five years and priority areas for new technologies include distributed generation, energy efficiency, efficient public lighting, tariff options, power management systems, network automation, and low cost solar systems for low income populations.

“The partnership aims to further studies on smart grids for electricity distribution in Brazil, bringing together the experience and innovation of EDP with the capacity to generate knowledge in the search for innovative solutions of USP,” said Antonio Pita de Abreu, CEO of EDP in Brazil.

EDP in Brazil has also become one of the first companies to have a smart meter approved by Brazil’s Inmetro. The meter is to be piloted by EDP Bandeirante in the city of Aparecida starting in Q4 2011.