Ed’s note: And it’s a wrap… #Enlit


It’s been three busy days, with many kilometres walked by the Smart Energy International team, many cups of coffee consumed and many, many hours of interviews undertaken. And it’s been amazing!

We have been able to engage with leaders from across the globe who have shared their perspectives on developments within the energy sector.

Impressions and trends across the course of the past three days include:

  • A focus on utilising data to gain insightful information which will impact on operations.
  • Reiteration of the message that decarbonisation cannot be achieved in isolation – this is not an effort which can be undertaken by any one company, country, region or even continent.
  • Consumers are still important but this is no longer a new development and is becoming part of the normal business landscape – although there is room for improvement.
  • There is a desire to gain deeper understanding from the data which the proliferation of sensors on the network is providing.
  • Speaking of data – discussions are still underway in terms of who owns what, who can use which data and how best to protect consumers and provide the level of detail that service providers need.
  • The electrification of everything is on the cards – focus is shifting from the electrification of transport to encompass heating and cooling.
  • Renewable energy technology is becoming more cost-effective and alternative forms of generation, such as tidal power, are gaining traction and becoming more commercially viable.
  • Storage is still a focal point and will continue to be so as the efforts to decarbonise the energy sector increase.

These are just some initial impressions from what has been a truly enlightening event. I guess you can now say we are ‘Enlit’.

Until next time!