Ed’s note: Learning from our kid’s examples…


Volkwyn junior (aged 12) came to me last night as she was putting herself to bed with a special (“I need to have a serious conversation with you, mom”) request: “Mom, please can we cut down on the amount of meat we eat, the amount of driving we do and the amount of plastic we use?”

And then she went to bed…

It made me think about the role of influencers and social media in informing the decisions our kids take when it comes to how we use and consume natural resources and I must admit, I am impressed and proud that despite a huge generation gap between those of my age and millennials and younger, these youngsters are doing what we never did. They are driving change, refusing to accept the status quo and demanding that world leaders (and their parents) do better when it comes to looking after the planet.

5,000 to 8,000 students and highschoolers marched for the climate in Paris. They were asking for more ambitious climate policy. Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg led this particular march in order to draw attention to climate change. Picture credit: Greenpeace

I would not consider myself overly environmentally aware, and will admit – shamefacedly – to walking to my car to drive to the supermarket 3 blocks away – but even I have become alarmed at the seemingly never-ending increase in extreme weather events and rapidly depleting resources. Moreover, I am ashamed that those for whom I should be an example are the ones leading by example.

Picture credit: https://jacobinmag.com/2019/03/climate-change-school-strikes-new-york-public-schools

So… less meat, less plastic, less unnecessary energy use will become part of how we live our lives – because we love our child, we want to set good examples and leave a world for her that she can improve on for her kids.

Short and sweet this week, but hopefully, something for you to think about. What kind of example is your carbon footprint setting?

Wishing you an environmentally-aware week.