EEPPM awards prepayment electricity meter contract


Gloria Cecilia Heredia,
Marketing Analyst,
Medellín, Colombia — (METERING.COM) — July 3, 2007 – Empresas Públicas de Medellín (EEPPM) has awarded a contract to Actaris for the supply of 15,000 prepayment meters.

The order comprises both integrated (type ACE9000 ISP) and split meters (type ACE9000 SSP) based on the STS standard, and they will be supplied over the next year, starting July 2007.

EEPPM initiated prepayment with a pilot project involving 94 clients during 2005 to 2006. As a result of the pilot, which elicited a 93 percent satisfaction level, it was decided to expand the project to approximately 32,000 customers – in particular high risk, lower income customers with a history of non-payment – over the next five years. The Actaris order comprises the first phase of this expansion.

With this expansion, EEPPM’s prepayment project is the most ambitious prepayment electricity project in Latin America, according to Gloria Cecilia Heredia, market analyst in the utility’s commercial energy distribution department.

EEPPM is an integrated public service utility owned by the municipality of Medellín and provides electricity, gas and water and sanitation services.