Eesti Energia Selects Oracle® Utilities Customer Care and Billing to Support its Expanding Business Operations


Tallinn, Estonia. February 11, 2009 – Eesti Energia, an Estonian state-owned electricity and thermal power company, has selected Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing to support its growth strategy in the recently deregulated energy market.

Eesti Energia needed to replace its in-house legacy systems, which were unable to meet the needs of the open market and provide the organization with a competitive advantage in the energy market.

The project will enhance Eesti Energia’s customer care and billing systems to support its expanding business operations across Estonia and the Baltic region.

Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing is a cost-effective, flexible and scalable solution that will help Eesti Energia streamline its billing and revenue management environment to help reduce billing costs, while providing a first-rate service experience to its existing customer base of more than 500,000 private and corporate customers.

The software will also help manage the growing volume of billing transactions and data flow, resulting from a deregulated market and a growing customer base.

Eesti Energia evaluated a host of vendors through a competitive tender process and chose Oracle for its superior functionality and ability to meet its business requirements.

“We had been looking for some time to replace our in-house legacy system so that we could compete in the deregulated energy market across the Baltic region. After a comprehensive evaluation of different solutions, we quickly realized that Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing would meet our requirements. We wanted a billing system that could adapt to the changing market environment while maintaining a high level of customer service. Oracle also provides consulting services, demonstrating that it knows the market and understands the requirements of Eesti Energia,” said Margus Rink, chief executive officer of Distribution Network, Eesti Energia.

“We are very proud that Eesti Energia has selected Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing, making it the largest Oracle project in Estonia. The solution will help Eesti Energia to improve the quality of its customer service and billing systems while also enabling the organization to gain competitive advantage and increased profitability," said Bastian Fischer, vice president and general manager, EMEA for Oracle Utilities.