Electric meter reading handbook, 2nd Edition, AMR updates


Researched by: Virgil Johnson
Date published: 2007
Format: Hard copy
Pages: 60 pages

Price:  $179.99 + $3.00 USA shipping
$179.99 + $10.00 international shipping

This second edition is aimed at utilities that have installed AMR systems, or are considering doing so, and need to train individuals to inspect and review accounts after an AMR installation.   This handbook is intended to provide a training guide for meter readers and billing personnel with actual digital photos of real life situations and will demonstrate the importance of having the correct readings for billing.  Ideal for managers, meter readers, billing clerks, meter coordinators and any personnel responsible for the correct billing of utility customers.

This handbook will include examples of real errors that were caused by the misreading of electric meters with the actual dollar figures of mistakes made as well as the importance of safety in meter reading. The handbook also includes useful information about reviewing accounts on automatic meter reading installations and the useful tips meter readers will need to know about AMR inspection programs.  With AMR, utilities may need to send people out for verification if an AMR module fails or to check for problems that may have been caused by tampering. The manual has some useful tips in that area and includes additional practical meter reading exercises.

$179.99 + $3.00 USA shipping
$179.99 + $10.00 international shipping