Eletrobras selects Cisco for smart meter connectivity

The Energia+ project will enable operational efficiency by improving service quality and control of non-technical losses, which reach 22% in the North and 10% in the Northeast of Brazil compared to required energy, according to the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL) Credit: Financial Times
The Energia+ project aims to cut non-technical losses, which total 22% in the North and 10% in the Northeast of Brazil, according to the National Electric Energy Agency.
Credit: Financial Times

US systems company Cisco has secured a place in a consortium supplying major Brazilian utility Eletrobras with smart meters and smart grid infrastructure.

Cisco is working alongside Itron, Siemens and Telefonica, as part of a push to reduce non-technical losses and improve grid reliability.

Cisco will provide its IPv6 communications solution for Energia+, Eletrobras’ smart metering programme serving several states in Brazil.

Eletrobas’ 80,000 smart meters will use Cisco’s field area network architecture during the first phase of the project.

Real-time data collected from the smart meters will be transmitted wirelessly directly to the Eletrobras Metering Intelligence Center, making it easier to identify gaps in distribution system, the utility said in a statement.

Smart meters for greater efficiency

The solution is also envisioned to facilitate a reduction in operational costs, as it will decrease “the displacement of technical teams to places in remote areas,” and give customers greater control over their energy use.

The advanced meter infrastructure deployment will cover the Brazlian states of Amazonas, Alagoas, Acre, Piaui, Rondonia and Roraima.

Says Paulo Lucena of Eletrobras: “This is an innovative project that will help us optimize our service and the way we work. With smart meters, information of consumption will be sent directly to our Metering Intelligence Center, decreasing displacement of technical teams and increasing the accuracy of measurements.

The smart metering project forms part of the larger World Bank-funded 1.2 billion Brazilian Real (US$392 million) Energia+ project to create smart grids in the citites serviced by six of Eletrobras subsidiary distributors.

During the second phase of the Energia + programme, the Eletrobras smart grid will allow companies to sell their surplus “energy quota and enable prepaid offers and dynamic pricing.”

The full implementation of the project is expected to be completed in 2017.