Elster A1200 ALPHA Meter Software


A1200 ALPHA® meter software is a Windows® based application for supporting various metering functions in the A1200 ALPHA meter. The support software has an easy to use graphical user interface. This interface allows you to easily manage meter programming and data, and meter functions.

The A1200 software allows users to create HTML reports for diagnostic readings and meter configuration (both reading from a meter and a program). Users can upgrade meters with additional options that enhance and expand meter capabilities. The A1200 software also allows users to change individual remote definition settings in a meter without full reprogramming.

Meter programs can be created in two ways:

  • Create a new meter program using a wizard
  • Create a new meter program based on an existing program or based on a meter’s current configuration

The A1200 ALPHA meter software allows users to:

  • Read the meter data registers, program settings, and diagnostic data
  • Configure energy quantities, demand measurement, overload threshold and transformer factor
  • Configure time-of-use parameters: day types, tariffs, special dates
  • Configure the meter display, relays and LEDs
  • Configure service test settings, and remote communications
  • Test meters
  • Configure utility specific information