The A3 ALPHA® meter/collector functions as a wide area network (WAN) interface, local area network (LAN) interface, and data collector within Elster Electricity’s EnergyAxis® System. To act as an interface and data collector, the A3 ALPHA meter/collector must be equipped with an internal telephone modem (ITM3) and internal LAN controller (ILC1) option board. The ITM3 option board provides a WAN communications interface to the Energy Axis Metering Automation Server (MAS). The ILC1 option board is the LAN communications interface to a network of REX® meters on Elster Electricity’s two-way 900 MHz radio frequency (RF) network.

An A3 ALPHA meter/collector performs dual functions on the network, it functions as a meter and as a data collector that supports a group of REX meters installed on the LAN. Each A3 ALPHA meter/collector can manage a local area network of up to 1,024 REX meters. The ILC1 option board supports the self-registering REX meters, designates some REX meters as repeaters when necessary, and determines the optimal communications route to each REX meter based on signal strength and other factors. If the ITM3 board is equipped with an optional outage reporting battery, the A3 ALPHA meter/collector can provide power outage and restoration data to the EnergyAxis Metering Automation Server.

Elster A3 Alpha Meter/Collector