Elster Electricity’s EnergyAxis® System’s new fully automated, intelligent two-way communications makes on-request meter reads and server-initiated commands a reality. Its powerful two-way communications, coupled with Elster’s new electronic single phase REX® meter, enables utilities not only to read meters, but to change energy, demand, or time-of-use rates as needed, start or stop load profile interval recording, or initiate a service disconnect. The system can automatically receive neighborhood power outage or restoration data, local voltage conditions, outage counts and other information.

At the heart of the system is Elster’s new single phase, residential electronic REX meter with built-in EnergyAxis System communications. The REX meter provides highly accurate kWh consumption, kW demand, time-of-use metering, critical tier pricing (CTP), and load profile interval data, all on command. These features reduce costly site visits and eliminate the need for new metering hardware. Utilities can adjust prices daily, a distinct advantage during peak energy demand periods.

The unique design of the REX meter and the intelligent two-way network architecture, enables meter self-registration. Once installed, each meter automatically registers with the network. This feature eliminates the need for on-site programming, making installation and operation both easy and economical. Should local conditions change, meters register via alternate paths.

The EnergyAxis System communications network utilizes spread spectrum frequency-hopping technology to provide secure, reliable communications between meters and data collectors. The design enables individual meters to be designated as repeaters, creating a dynamic path that optimizes signal strength and maximizes communication distances. Communication distances between meters and data collectors are increased, and the number of data collectors required is dramatically reduced, improving system economics. The system architecture uses Elster’s A3 ALPHA® meter/collector as the host for local data collection from the REX meter, making data collector installations simple and reducing costs.

Elster EenergyAxis® System