The Meridian System is a flexible and user friendly system for meter reading, data storage and data analysis. Meridian users can automatically perform meter data acquisition, analysis, and reporting. Data from meters can be read and consolidated into reports or summaries for analysis and distribution to others via email. In addition to a wide range of standard reports for viewing data or system operation, Meridian allows users to customize reports to meet their specific operational requirements.

By automating scheduled meter reads on a monthly, weekly, daily, or more frequent basis, resources have more time to concentrate on making decisions. Meters can be read remotely using telephone or cellular modems, or locally using direct-wired connections such as RS-232, RS-485, or 20 mA current loop devices.

Meridian provides the ability to monitor energy usage and the analysis tools needed to better manage business and power costs. Meridian can read, store and process meter information for a local facility or for a group of facilities around the country or around the world, helping to increase a company’s competitive advantage.

This combination of timely and accurate remote meter reading and innovative software analysis tools gives users the information needed to make informed decisions, whether they are buying or selling power or analyzing plant efficiency.

Elster Meridian System