Elster Water Metering to use Wavenis wireless AMR technology from Coronis Systems


Coronis Systems and Elster Water Metering have announced their partnership agreement for using Coronis wireless solutions in Elster’s world-leading water metering products. Coronis Systems designs and develops innovative technologies and turnkey solutions for ultra low-power and long-range wireless metering systems. Elster is the leading provider of water metering solutions worldwide. Coronis will provide fully automated wireless network monitoring systems to enable remote automatic meter reading via its Wavenis™ technology.

This partnership underlines Elster’s commitment to expand its portfolio of Emeris-branded automatic meter reading solutions. By choosing Wavenis-based AMR products, which ensure a high level of accuracy on a nearly real-time basis, Elster can improve the precision and efficiency of its systems while enhancing service to customers. The new meter reading systems will provide utilities with fast readings of all residential, commercial, and industrial customer meters.

In addition to providing network technology that specifically addresses the autonomy and range constraints inherent to metering installations, the Coronis solution will help Elster offer its customers value added benefits such as leak detection and data logging, as well as other features to meet evolving requirements. A single Wavenis-based solution is flexible enough to be used with walk-by, drive-by and fixed network systems, making upgrades simple and cost effective.

www.coronis-systems.com / www.elstersmart-energy.com