Embracing the opportunities of new technologies in Australia


Ezra Beeman,
Managing Director,
Interview with Ezra Beeman, Managing Director, Energeia

What are the main/current challenges in the industry?
Some of the challenges the industry in Australia is facing are managing the price rise over the next few years, making the most of the smart metering investment in Victoria, as well as adjusting to the new government policies in New South Wales and Queensland.

What’s your vision for the industry looking forward?
Embracing the opportunities offered by new grid and customer side technology.

What are the projects you are most proud of so far?
Designing and developing a real time demand side response solution to widespread, intermittent renewable generation.
We have done long term strategic visions and roadmaps for some of Australia’s leading networks and retailers.

We have also completed our initial round of detailed studies into the key emerging energy technologies in Australia.

What have been the challenges?
Convincing potential new clients that skill, expertise and experience of the proposed team is more important than brand name recognition.

Sourcing the necessary skills and expertise to continue delivering solutions for our repeat client’s growing needs.

What makes your company competitive in the market?

We offer a team of experienced industry specialists, many of whom have had exceptional industry careers in some of the largest energy businesses in Australia and the U.K.

In addition to the bright minds and proven methodologies that are synonymous with consulting, we offer subject matter expertise that allows us to provide greater value at lower cost and risk than our competitors.

We are also able to draw from our proprietary research activity, which has developed substantial IP across electric vehicles, energy efficiency, demand response, smart grid, smart metering, rooftop solar PV, cogeneration and energy storage.

What will be your message at the upcoming Smart Utilities Australia & New Zealand event?
New technology is changing the game, and with it is coming unprecedented challenges and opportunities. It is an exciting time to be in the industry.

Ezra Beeman is a member of the Advisory Committee and a presenter and panelist at the forthcoming Smart Utilities Australia & New Zealand 2012.