Enabling the smartest grid… together


Why an open standard? Driven by the dual demands of rising energy generation costs and the compelling need for a greener planet, it’s become clear we need to maximize the efficiency of electricity distribution and usage. To get everyone speaking the same “language” the G3-PLC standard was developed based on over 20 years of industry learning on grid communications. It is an advanced OFDM-based powerline communications (PLC) standard created to deliver the fast, secure, reliable and cost- effective communications required for the smart grid.

The G3-PLC Alliance was formed in order to support, promote and implement G3-PLC in smart grid applications and includes key players across the industry, from semiconductor suppliers all the way to distributors. A strong indication of industry acceptance is that the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) approved the G3-PLC protocol earlier this year. G3-PLC is a crucial step towards achieving smart grids.

It enables smart metering management, control and monitoring of the electrical distribution network, energy management, vehicle-to-grid and vehicle-to-charging station communications, and lighting control. Most importantly, G3-PLC was designed to meet present and future advanced networking and application layer needs. In fact, G3-PLC is the world’s only CENELEC /FCC PLC solution supporting true IPv6 internet addressing, and can potentially save millions in network upgrade costs. Extensive testing in France and many field trials around the world have already shown show consistently good results compared to other PLC technologies.

The features and capabilities of G3-PLC were developed to address the difficult challenges of powerline communications. While earlier approaches were steps in the right direction, they fell short of meeting the technical and reliability requirements necessary in the hostile environment of PLC.

Benefits of a G3-PLC Smart Metering & Grid Solution

Cost Effective and Robust 

  • High speed communications over long distances reduces the number of
  • Can cross MV-LV transformers reducing number of data concentrators
  • Functions in harsh, noisy environments
  • Advanced mesh routing mechanism extends network reach and reliability

Future Proof, Versatile & Secure

  • Enables smart grid with IPv6 support for new internet-based energy
  • Standards based to ensure interoperability, supports frequency bands
  • Bi-directional digital communications up to 300 Kbps
  • AES-128 cryptography engine ensures security

Partners in the G3-PLC Alliance The creation of an alliance of key stakeholders in the smart grid ecosystem is required to promote rapid availability, adoption, implementation, and deployment of G3-PLC compliant devices. There are now 23 members of the Alliance, including electric utilities, system integrators, equipment manufacturers, semiconductor companies and R & D companies.

Objectives of the Alliance

  • Establish future-proof worldwide standards: Broaden G3-PLC in internationally recognized standards bodies to achieve the rapid adoption of the G3-PLC specification
  • Ensure interoperability: Develop a framework for equipment testing to facilitate interoperability among G3-PLC equipment
  • Explain and communicate solution: Educate the market and promote the value, benefits and applications of G3-PLC power line networking products through public statements, publications, trade show demonstrations, seminar sponsorships and other programs established by the Alliance
  • Create a knowledge platform: Establish a forum and process where the Alliance members meet to share best practices and enhance the specification

For more information visit our website www.g3-plc.com.