Energy Management


Carbon View: Carbon View is an instant, continuously updated display of data from your gas, water and electricity meters. From this, CO2 emissions are calculated, using Government figures, and are displayed for your building or site in real-time per-second figures.

E-watch: An automated online data acquisition and monitoring system that gathers data from MODBUS-capable Elite meters installed at different locations across a plant. The software displays instantaneous electrical and energy parameters on a PC and stores these parameters in a database for future use. E-Watch uses Oracle databases to store data from different metering locations. E-watch provides a powerful solution to enhance energy conservation and management efforts.

Integrator:  Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) software which supports data aggregation and management.

M-Cubed: Modular Meter Management (M-Cubed) software is a Windows® based package for the management, configuration and remote reading of small numbers of energy meters.

Scroller: If you want to make positive moves to corporate social responsibility, Scroller is a smart and simple way of engaging staff and customers in carbon reduction, whilst saving money on electricity bills.

CeweCetrics: An automatic meter reading software, built to meet the dynamic requirements of the market. The data collection gives you automatic meter reading, simple as well as complex invoicing and advanced reporting and data sharing through the Internet.