Ericsson expands its ‘smart’ offering through Ambient Corporation acquisition


Smart grid technology and communications solutions provider, Ambient Corporation has been bought by Ericsson for $7.5 million taking it out of bankruptcy. Ambient received recognition for it smart grid technologies, with Duke Energy employing its smart grid data collection devices, but was unable to establish it as a feasible business. According to RethinkWireless, the company’s losses in the last year amounted to $17.8 million against sales on $11.4 million. Ericsson’s acquisition will help to grow its smart city platform and will offer Ambient’s smart products and services through its Global Services organisation.

Head of the global services organisation at Ericsson, Magnus Mandersson, was reported as saying: ‘… We are increasingly using our experience in communications and providing managed services for networks that serve more than one billion subscribers worldwide to assist partners and customers in the utilities sector.’

Through Ambient’s platform, utilities are able to “deploy and integrate multiple smart grid applications and technologies, in parallel on a single communications infrastructure”, helping electricity providers to make the most out of their smart grid investments. The platform enables the integration of various applications including demand response, smart metering and direct load control through its ‘two-way, open IP network architecture’ able to support cellular, Wifi RF and powerline, serial and Ethernet communications in parallel.

‘We’re helping utilities to adopt new types of applications and enable new business models, and I believe Ambient could make a big contribution to that effort’, says Mandersson.