Europe’s changing energy market


Interview with Pallas Agterberg, Director of Strategy, Alliander, The Netherlands

What are the main/current challenges in the industry?
The main challenge is the changing market due to the upcoming new technologies for decentralized production and energy management, both residential and in industry.

What’s your vision for the industry looking forward?
The changing market creates new opportunities. The market model changes from one-to-many cheap commodities, to a more internet-like exchange of energy.

What is on the company’s calendar this year?
Operational excellence on traditional business and finding new business opportunities for new business.

What are the projects you are most proud of so far?
Charging electrical vehicles in the business market on a European level.

What have been the challenges?
The biggest challenge is to overcome unintended legal barriers.

What makes your company competitive in the market?
We do anything that relates to power and gas, but we don’t sell energy.

What will be your message at the upcoming event?
An invitation to join the open source software Powermatcher, which creates machine-to-machine exchange of energy. It is cool for the consumer to participate and at the same time it creates an automatic load balancing in low voltage networks.