EVO Expands Its Global Community Through Partnerships


Less developed nations are still building out infrastructure to serve their populations, while more developed nations continue to increase their per capita consumption of energy. Globally, electric power capacity is forecast to grow by 3,000 GW over the next 25 years (EIA, 2004). The question facing policy makers, regulatory bodies, private corporations, financiers and average citizens around the planet is how to balance investments in necessary supply, while mitigating the impact of our growing thirst for reliable energy. EVO provides tools to evaluate these investment decisions and manage the risks in efficiency development. While EVO’s International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) sets the international standard for properly valuing efficiency and M&V more generally, the organisation also recognises that the correct implementation of protocol demands more than just printing a document – there needs to be a vibrant user community.

In order to raise the standards in M&V and to improve the practice of those engaged in it, EVO provides training and workshops for M&V professionals. Using its international expertise, the organisation develops special workshops and training programmes tailored to the needs of specific regions. EVO is pleased to announce that it has recently entered into partnerships with a number of organisations around the world to provide just such training opportunities. The partnership between EVO and the Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA, http://www.pcra.org/) provides a flexible, overarching framework under which collaborative activities and partnerships in the field of energy efficiency, energy services, energy efficiency financing, fuel conservation, and measurement and verification can be conducted. The first training workshops are tentatively scheduled for June 2006 in India.

EVO, Synergy (www.synergyevents.com) and Spintelligent (www.spintelligent.com/) are teaming to produce numerous annual training sessions on IPMVP at various international events. The first will be a postconference workshop on M&V in conjunction with the Asian Energy Week conference in Beijing on April 4-7, 2006 (http://www.asianenergyweek.com). Other possibilities include workshops at American Utility Week, 23-27 April, 2006 in Atlanta, Georgia (www.american-utility-week.com) and African Utility Week, 8-12 May, 2006 in Cape Town, South Africa (www.african-utility-week.com). EVO is also joining forces with TAESCO and the Taiwan Green Productivity Foundation (TGPF) to conduct IPMVP seminars in Taiwan and to partner on other related activities in the