Expert at internet of things integrated solution, SUNRAY lead the micro-power wireless communication


Wireless communication technology makes people transfer information at any time and any where possible. Along with the improvement of people’s need, industrial control, civil measurement, automotive electronics, resource environment all have big demand of wireless communication technology, appearance of web of things makes wireless communication technology popularized.

After short time’s rapid development, now web of things’ development becomes rational and pragmatic. After reach a consensus of the good future, industry chain’s each link begin to solve the concrete problem of restricting development of web of things, wireless communication technology begins to play a key role in it.

Mentioned outstanding one in the field of wireless communication industry, we have to take about SUNRAY SH electronic technology ltd. This entrepreneurial company which established in 2004 is one of the earliest high tech company which main business is micro-power wireless communication technology’s R&D and application, it has got great reputation in the industry.

New star of web of things

1) SUNRAY SH has been awarded as one of the five demonstrated web of things companies.
It has 12 Utility Patent, 29 Utility Model Patent, many High-tech achievement transformations, Independent software works, also got ISO9001:2000 etc.

2) SUNRAY will attend 16 Application demonstration projects of wen be of things, it has hope to big company which sales over 100 million.
Shanghai Securities News reported that SUNRAY tech will share 16 Application demonstration projects with Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park,、Comprehensive bonded zone SH、Huahong group、China Mobile、China Telecom、Datang Telecom、China Unicom、Baosight、TSINGHUA TONGFANG CO., LTD、ASB、RONGCHUANGTIANXIA、MEIBANG costume、JIUJANG international、BAOLI China ,etc,share 100 billion cake together and become big company which sales over 100 million 。

3) SUNRAY web of things wireless communication module product World wide distribution.
According to some statistics, SUNRAY product sold to USA, Mexico, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Turkey, German, Switzerland, France, Belgium etc.

4) Sunray water, gas meter is applied to the Expo intelligent power model of intelligent home furnishing solutions
Intelligent electricity information collection system put to use in the Expo。Pudong SH YUEFUHAOTING residential community is the intelligent use of electricity in the District, District 5 building 1801 room of the Shanghai World Expo intelligent home furnishing model room, installed the sunray production intelligent water meter and gas meter。Gas, water meter automatic data metering, automatic meter reading, timely, accurate, complete transmission and access to all kinds of data to meet the demand for electric energy metering enterprise information, and achieve data sharing。The user can also finish payment through the network or a video terminal query electricity.

5) Sunray wireless module applied to the antenna Haibao
In Puxi Park in front of information communication, there is a blue robot Haibao outside the hall play with visitors。Talkative lively robot Haibao named "antenna Haibao", it uses a unique way to welcome the world tourists from afar, and enthusiastic satisfy tourist photo requirements。The intelligent robots cannot do without T D – L T E network. Amazingly, Shanghai Sunray wireless communication module is located in the "Antenna Haibao" , through micro-power wireless communication module, Haibao can a variety of interactive with tourists, Shanghai Sunray module is the  antenna Haibao of the "nerve center", but this nerve center will have an effect with backstage staff support.

No considerable strength and reputation are not breaking things flourished in a short period of time to obtain so many awards and achievements, this micro-power wireless communication leading enterprises, continue to create the myth of the use of things.

Do industry pacesetter
Currently, Sunray in the field of smart meter wireless module technology is currently the best,  stable performance, measurement data is accurate, long life, product qualification rate has reached 99%. Currently, Sunray produced micro-power wireless communication module has been widely used in smart grid, smart banking management equipment, intelligent interactive media devices, mine positioning equipment, water, electric meter reading management, automotive maintenance equipment, hospital intelligent management, smart home, smart logistics, warehousing, intelligent transportation, military, military and other industries. Even in some industries to achieve a leading market share of over 60%.

Things of internet sunray solutions
Sunray has a strong research and development, technical knowledge born Sunray technology leader in technological innovation-oriented enterprises in the position. Sunray currently has hundreds of technical R & D personnel, hardware and software development work. Sunray micro-power wireless communication module types Pang use more widely used, is the company’s fortune Sunray treasure. But Sunray’sproducts and technical strength not limited to this, after years of development and testing, sunray developed a SunrayNet MANET solutions, low power wireless meter reading Sunray-eNet ad hoc network solutions and wireless Wamrnetsystem hot water and gas meter reading solutions and Wamr GNet system gas meter prepaid wireless solutions to achieve a technical level meter reading things.

The development direction
Also developed the use of current leading ZigBee, wireless data communication technology, the implementation of the residential electricity, water, gas meter to achieve a unified user management, automatic monitoring, metering and charging systems for energy metering of things, but also in the forefront of the industry . Meanwhile, the mine location solutions, smart home solutions, banking functions of management, smart grid solutions are in the company include among mulberry  Shanghai Sunray utility energy metering information management system that integrates residential users, energy management department and the business side, forming a social group macroscopic things, to achieve energy monitoring and energy management functions, measurement and management of a new era of energy development direction .

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