Fixed Network In Vienna, Too! The Hydrometer Group Installs One More Successfully Working AMR Network


Reading the meters in the Saikogasse residential area of Vienna used to take several man-days of work, but today the meters are read fully automatically and the data conveniently transferred as a telegram via GPRS.

The Saikogasse project has been implemented for Fernwärme Wien GesmbH, which is Austria’s largest district heating utility and part of the company Wien Energie. The complexity and reliability of the new system had to meet the highest quality standards right from the preparatory phase.

The HYDROMETER GROUP’s solution was convincing in terms of both the project concept and the stringent preliminary tests. Demanding reference projects in Ireland, Russia, Denmark, United Arab Emirates and in Germany – Frankfurt Airport, Berlin Hönow – demonstrated the company’s extensive expertise in the fields of radio technology and fixed networks.

The special challenge of the Saikogasse project was the smooth upgradability of the desired system. Walk-by meter reading was made possible by the installation of an innovative radio system by the HYDROMETER GROUP in an initial working step in 2006.


Fixed network automatic meter reading

This first phase involved equipping each flat with a SHARKY 773 ultrasonic heat meter with integrated Real Data radio module. The meters were read by the HYDROPOCKET Bluetooth receiver and the data was processed using the HYDRO-RADIO software.

The meters on the complex residential estate with over 1,000 flats could now be read within a few hours. This work took several man-days in the past with a large error potential due to manual entry of the data. Walk-by was a great step forward for the Saikogasse estate – the meters in the flats could now be read quickly and above all without reading errors.

The HYDROMETER GROUP completed the step to the fixed network with the permanent installation of GPRS receivers in 2007. Fernwärme Wien was delighted with the uncomplicated installation: “The fixed network components are easily installed and taken into service, without having to reconfigure the radio transmitter to the meters!”


The meters of over 1,000 flats in
Saikogasse in Vienna are read
fully automatically

GPRS-capable receivers for data transfer over GPRS were installed at determined positions on the residential estate. The data telegrams sent by the SHARKY 773 ultrasonic heat meter on the 868 MHz frequency can now be transferred automatically over the GSM network of any desired mobile phone operator and transmitted to an FTP server over GPRS.

The completion of the Saikogasse project in Vienna provided an unmanned, fully automatic fixed network system solution. The content of the data telegram can be defined for different values. Besides a rapid and absolutely transparent check on consumption, the system now meets all the requirements for future energy data management and also eliminates meter reading errors.

Despite the complexity of the solution, it was implemented extremely quickly: The first phase with the installation of the meters and walk-by reading was finished within approximately three months. The changeover to the fixed network in the second phase took only about five months from the first signal strength measurements to automatic reading over the completely installed GPRS receivers.

Fernwärme Wien was extremely satisfied with the cooperation with the HYDROMETER GROUP and describes the new solution as “positive, competent, innovative and forward-looking.” This first large project for the biggest Austrian power utility is an innovative step towards the future in terms of unlimited availability of meter data.