Flagship Check Meter


How can you tell if someone is stealing power?

Measure Amps used or monitor KW-H usage over time from your office, home or cellular phone!

  • Sends KW-H, Amp and Peak Amp readings to cellular phone or VHF radio
  • Microprocessor saves data and can download to Windows-based PC’s.
  • Call from any phone in the world with cellular phone option.
  • Use any Trans/Receiver with DTMF capability up to 1/2 mile with VHF option.
  • Weather-resistant enclosure and broad temperature range for outside installation.

FlagshipThe Flagship Check Meter gives us the ability to quickly identify and determine what type of theft that is occurring. Also, with the cellular capabilities it allows us to be less conspicuous by needing fewer trips to the site, requires less employees, and has decreased the chance of errors”.
Steve Sprague of PGE, Portland, Oregon