Fort Knox


The Fort Knox is the highest level of security available from INNER-TITE for a ringless meter socket. Made of heavy duty carbon steel, the Fort Knox features the exclusive "Bolt-Down" mechanism which draws the meter cover down and establishes a secure metal-to-metal contact between the cover and the box. The fulcrum design evenly distributes the forces caused by tampering or bending attempts. U.S. Patent Number 4,144,729.

Features and Benefits

  • High Security
  • Unique fulcrum design
  • Tamper resistant
  • Exclusive Bolt-Down feature
  • No pry points
  • Secures most ringless sockets
  • Secures most current transformer (C.T.) cabinets


  • The Fort Knox is available with a Plastic Sealing Ferrule that can be used with all INNER-TITE and most competitor seals. The Plastic Sealing Ferrule is designed to be broken off to gain access to the lock head if needed. Part No. E-1200L.
  • The Fort Knox is also available with a Heavy Duty Steel Sealing Ferrule. Formed as an integrated part of the lock, the Heavy Duty Sealing Ferrule completely encompasses the lock head giving maximum protection from tampering. Accepts all Inner-Tite and most competitor seals. Part No. E-1200C.

This Locking Device can be ordered with a Barrel Lock that contains an Internal Weather Seal by adding the letter ‘S’ to the product code. Example E-1200L becomes E-S1200L.

All INNER-TITE Locking Devices and Meter Rings can be ordered with Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel Barrel Locks.