Gí–RLITZ Presents: Cutting-edge Technology For Automatic Meter Reading


By Ralf Hoffmann

Gorlitz“The EMETRION IQ clearly indicates the direction which German energy utilities must take – process integration and IP communication,” comments Luc Schetters, director of Meter Service Management at RheinEnergie Köln AG. The rugged device, developed within 28 months in collaboration with potential users, concentrates on the tasks of a standard metering point:

  • Measurement of active and reactive energy
  • Storage of data in load profile series
  • Daily data communication to the control station
  • Display on-site as a calibrated metering instrument
  • Constant synchronisation of the time through the communication network.

The communication module and the metrological movement are isolated from each other for practical reasons and are reactionless. This is particularly favourable in that the communication unit can be easily exchanged without interference with the calibration. An OBEX interface secures smooth operation of both modules. The EMETRION IQ applies safe global IP communication standards for remote retrieval. The data are outputted in XML format.

Open standards assure that the meter can be customised to every infrastructure. Another highlight of the EMETRION IQ is its high accuracy when recording load profiles. This is vouched for by a highly precise internal real time clock, which ensures that exactly 96 values are delivered daily without error.

“The customary combination today of VDEW meter, IEC-1107 protocol and GSM transparent operation will soon be replaced by an electricity meter with an integrated communication unit,” states Schetters with conviction. “The EMETRION IQ is a significant milestone on the road to this new era.”

MID approval allows European utilities to implement the meter into their meter cabinets, although extra functions still require national approvals. The PTB certificate has been received for the German market.