Getting a 360° degree view of the metering and customer management industry


Leveraging the CIS in an AMI world, AMI and the customer, designing new systems, meter to cash, the customer: Data and MDM, and the smart grid and smart home – these are some of the program topics that will be addressed at the 8th annual metering, Billing/CIS America conference and exhibition.

This year’s event presents its greatest line-up yet of industry seminars, exhibits, panel discussions and hands-on training. From strategy to technology, this is the only place where all aspects of advanced metering, smart and automatic metering, as well as customer management and service, are covered and the biggest names are found to share the knowledge utility executives need to stay ahead and be competitive.

The multi-track program features an opening panel of high-level executives who will debate the ‘new why’ – why the industry has taken the direction that it has, and where it is going.

The trade show will showcase new technology trends, with invited buyers including operational, project management and procurement staff who fulfill metering, customer management and IT functions within electricity, gas and water utilities, municipalities and cooperatives.

Effective metering, energy management and CIS technologies are vital if the industry is to control future demand, minimize risk, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, lower the cost of customer service and grow revenues. Metering, Billing/CIS America remains the definitive platform for discussion in this diverse and dynamic industry.

Metering, Billing/CIS America is sponsored by Alliance Data, Echelon, Elster, FirstData Utilities, ista Net, KG Technologies, LODESTAR and Wavecom.

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