Grid Metering


Apex: The most advanced metering system, specifically designed for bulk power transfer points and grid substations (GSS). It offers a complete grid metering solution to utilities, with Availability Based Tariff (ABT) metering, interface to modern communication technologies and software integration.

STARS: A software suite is specially designed for Availability Based Tariff (ABT) online monitoring systems and customized Energy Management systems. It is used in conjunction with the APEX metering system. This system enables utilities to monitor real time data of ABT meters simultaneously at different locations (local grid substation, central station and other remote offices). STARS facilitates better decision making to reap real benefits of ABT.

CewePrometer: A four quadrant, high precision energy meter with large memory capacity. It is also a power quality instrument which keeps track on voltage dips, power failure, THD etc. The Energy meter is available for both rack and panel mounting. The typical application for CewePrometer can be found at Energy producers, distributors and Industries.