This system adopts GSM/GPRS mobile transmission network as communication media to fulfil realtime reading and control on industrial power consumers or dispersed residentials to collect data and to monitor the quality of service of power line network. Along with the cost of GSM mocule reduces gradually and interests of power supply service provider gains, GSM/GPRS wireless remote meter control system will become more popular in household-wide. At the same time, the system adopts standard communication protocol. It creates a wide range of flexibility on front-end management. Predefined Value Added Services function enlarges the future application of this system.


This system includes GSM/GPRS meters (single phase, three phase and mutli-functional three phase-meters and remote data control center server.





  • Communication: Combining a GPRS modem unit to support remote GPRS communication with TCP/IP stack and SMS transmission as backup besides the local infrared communication
  • Application protocol: Supporting COSEM set to give a standardized interoperability.
  • Easy maintenance: Supporting JVM to have convenient application upgrading and good application extendability
  • Power-down protection: saving data and reporting voltage drop information in time whe powering-down happens.
  • Alarm management: reporting internal diagnosis to allow necessary data transmission in earlier time.
  • Active and reactive energy measurement: active class I and reactiveclass II according to EN 61036 and EN 61268.
  • Multi-tariff: multiple tariff and time period can be configured.
  • Prepayment: prepayment credit first then energy supplied with acceptable debt.
  • Contractual limit control: built-in breaker makes power supply cut off available
  • Configurable LCD display: providing rich and configurable display datase.
  • Load restriction adjustment: contractual maximum power and demand can be eadjusted.
  • Load profile recording: 35 days of active and reactive load curve can be saved.
  • Quality service data recording: detecting and recording of voltage interruption and variation.
  • Anti-tamper function: detecting of illegal tie-in or unauthorizes access to the meter.
  • Weekly and annual tariff plan management: easy tariff setting because of several sets fo annual/weekly tariff plans pre-configured.


This server provides the runtime environment for the data collection to the GSM/GPRS metering points. It creates GPRS connection, maintains and manages this connection. It provides data reading, alarms monitoring, load control and runtime parameter setting, which are WEB service remote invoke interfaces, to the client software in order to be easily linked to the customer system.


The system is suitable to be applied for industrial user or dispersed residentials who require real-time accessing on the metering points.