Guyana Water Inc. goes live with DSTi”s Billing Solution – HiAffinity for its customer billing and management information


Boston – Guyana Water, a Public Utility responsible for providing water and sewerage services to customers throughout Guyana, today announced the implementation of HiAffinity, a tailored customer billing and management solution from DST International (DSTi).

Guyana Water’s 145,000 residential and commercial customers are expected to benefit from a higher level of customer service and a new bill design that is clearer and easier to understand. This improvement have been made possible by the use of HiAffinity, which will streamline processing times and provides a more intuitive customer interface. HiAffinity will make it possible for customers to receive their water bills and requests for new payment arrangements at precise times of year and in a timely manner.

HiAffinity will enable the standardisation of billing arrangements, cash collections and debt recovery, which will improve Guyana Water’s cash flow position.

"This migration to HiAffinity has gone ahead in a timely and efficient manner and we expect that Guyana Water will achieve significant quality and productivity improvements, which in turn will lead to significant cost savings for the company. Guyana Water’s staff productivity will increase due to HiAffinity’s technology. " said Mr Simon Patterson, DSTi Billing’s COO.

About Guyana Water Inc.
Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) was formed in May 2002 as a result of a merger of the Georgetown Sewerage and Water Commissioners (GS&WC) and the Guyana Water Authority (GUYWA). The company provides water to over 145,000 homes, offices and schools across Guyana. The Company employs over 500 workers and supplies over 300, 000,000 litres of water a day.
The Company is managed by British based, Severn Trent Water International, which is the 4th largest privately owned water company in the World. Severn Trent has been contracted by the Government of Guyana to manage Guyana Water Incorporated until 2007.

About DSTi Billing
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