GW series wireless remote smart gas meter is high-tech machronics product. This series meter uses advanced wireless transmission technology. Through microelectronic control circuits, it converts the pulse signals of traditional mechanical meter into electrical signals. Then the metering data is transmitted to background platform through GPRS network automatically, or it can be collected by a hand-held wireless unit from outside of the houses and after that downloaded to a computer through USB port.

 Minsen Product4

Main Technical Parameter:
Mechanical properties measure up to the requirement of national standard GB/T69681997 “Diaphragm gas meter” grade B. Measurement grade: Grade B

Working environment: -20℃~50℃; Relative humidity:≦95%; Atmospheric pressure: 86kPa~106kPa
Suitable air medium: natural gas; liquefied petroleum gas; marsh gas

Main electric properties and parameter:
Central frequency: 470 MHz
Battery: 3.6V/3.3A/h disposable lithium ion battery or four tubes of No.5 alkaline battery.
Modulation method of module:FSK
Bandwidth: ≦200 KHz
Power Consumption: <30uA
Emission Power: ≦50mW
Transmission Distance: >200m (Open field)