Hear the latest on the Obama Stimulus Package at the 10th Annual Metering, Billing/CIS America conference and exhibition


Driven by newly elected President Barack Obama, the US House of Representatives has passed an US$819 billion economic stimulus package, with funds targeted at, among others, broadband deployment, health IT and a national electric smart grid.

The legislation also includes an $11 billion program to enable the US Department of Energy to assist in the deployment of an Internet-based smart energy grid, which could allow homeowners to track and adjust their electricity use on the Web. The smart grid program would, among other things, provide grants to electric utilities for smart-grid demonstration projects.

Those of us directly involved in the industry know that the smart grid would allow real-time monitoring of a customer’s energy use through IP-based technology. Proponents of a national smart grid say it would likely result in decreased electricity use, allow energy companies to more efficiently distribute electricity, and encourage homeowners to install alternative energy generators, such as solar panels, and sell their excess energy back to the grid.

How will the allotted funding affect your business model? What negative impact, if any, do you feel the package will have on the industry? Who do you see benefiting the most from the proposal?

Join Howard Scott at the Obama Stimulus Package Smart Session on Tuesday, March 24 to discuss this exciting and auspicious subject, in an environment best suited for debate and interaction.  

Howard Scott specializes in utility operations and telecommunication technology. His technical and business experiences include automatic meter reading, telecommunications, project and business management, market research, and software development. He worked a dozen years at Bell Labs and Bellcore developing innovative telecommunications technologies. An accomplished public speaker, he has published numerous articles including an extensive market study of the automatic meter reading industry entitled The Scott Report on AMR Deployments. He has a doctorate in physics and has held a variety of leadership positions in both business and civic organizations.

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