How Utilities Achieve Savings by Investing in the Intelligent Grid


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Thursday, October 3, 2013 at 2:00PM CET / 8:00AM ET

The power utilities face versatile requirements in their daily business. Requirements like power reliability, efficiency and power quality comes from different directions including the regulators, consumers, industry and distributed power sources. At the same time in the distribution market we are talking about Smart Grid, an automated fashion to improve the efficiency, reliability and sustainability of the distribution of electricity. The power utilities are enforced to make more investments and improvements to their distribution network and systems to be able to fulfil all the requirements.What does this mean in real life? Do the investments give the expected benefits?

ABB has a solution for distribution utilities. The solution is based on seamless co-operation of MicroSCADA Pro product portfolio, communication and Grid Automation.

In the webinar we will discuss about actual cases and results built on ABB solution. All these results are based on the long-term co-operation with ABB and Finnish utilities.

Join the webinar to learn about:

  • Seamless Network Automation solution for Distribution Utilities to improve Power Reliability
  • Fast fault location and automatic restoration as a part of successful implementation
  • Savings achieved with Intelligent Grid solutions
  • Utility experience and future plans

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