Hrachová – first steps to smart buildings in Bratislava, Slovakia


2009, March, 19 – Transtech Company, ADD GRUP’s partner in Slovakia, have provided smart-technologies to Hrachová residential estate in Bratislava. The buildings were equipped with ADDAX IMS – integrated solution for energy management. ADDAX meters provide Time-of-Use metering, thus providing to consumers the possibility to essentially decrease their electricity consumption bills. The balance feature, implemented in the transformer substations have led to the location and cutting-down of losses in the power-lines.

The ADDAX IMS solution is based on Power Line communications over the LV and MV PL, thus, the exploitation costs of the system are minimized. Such an approach allows data collection on daily basis without any expenses related to the communication with the meters.

In addition to electricity meters, the system integrates data collection from water and heat meters. All the information related to consumption comes to the Common Data Management Center, where it gets redistributed to the concerned departments. Due to the integration of water and heat meters into ADDAX solution, the consumers receive monthly bills, based on real readings. In the same time, the distribution company has decreased its expenses related to data collection.

“Our goal was to offer complete automation of resources management of Hrachová residential estate and its transformation into a Smart Building in accordance with European standards” says Stanislav Hutnan, Transtech’s general manager. “Within a short time after the commissioning of the system, the common consumption of the entire complex has markedly decreased – and this means decrease of green-house gases. Of course, in the scale of the whole country it doesn’t affect the ecological situation, however, we are glad we contributed even with a small degree to the promotion of “green” technologies in Slovakia. We consider this project a successful one and as a confirmation we have received several other contracts for the implementation of ADDAX solution. Trnavska complex is next in list of Smart Buildings – the AMM system will be launched there in the nearest future. Jarabiny and Olympia are new residential estates which are designed as “Smart” from the beginning – these complexes are in construction now and ADDAX IMS was included at the stage of building design”.