I-Credit 100


TThe I-Credit 100 range of smart all electronic meters offer an effective solution to present day utilities quest for an accurate, reliable and cost effective single phase meter for measurement of electrical energy in single phase 2-wire network.

The built-in memory and real time clock circuitry allows the capability of load profile recording, time of use tariffs and historical registration of billing data. The meters also offer complete flexibility to address both present and future tariff needs. An optical communication port is provided to retrieve the data stored in the meter memory

The I-Credit offers:

  • 1 Phase 2 wire measurement.
  • Class 1.0 accuracy.
  • Current range: 5-30A, 10-60A and 20-80A
  • Versatile starburst LCD display.
  • 4 push buttons offering flexibility and ease of use.
  • Optical communication port.
  • Forwarded energy registration in case of current reversal.
  • Tamper event recording in case of external magnetic influence.
  • Maximum demand registration.
  • Time of Use registration.
  • Tamper event recording with snapshots of instantaneous parameters and energy.
  • Authenticated Billing Code (ABC) enabling utilities to eliminates errors associated with manual reads.
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