IC card prepayment gas meter with AMR function


By David Yuan is the General Manager of Gas Meter Division of Star Instruments

IC card AMR gas meter is a new generation smart meter which combines prepayment technology and wireless AMR technology. It can solve the problems of non collectable fees and difficult meter reading confronted by gas utilities. This product possesses both the basic functions of IC card prepayment gas meter and other advanced functions of real time meter reading, remote supervision and control. End users can use IC card to buy credit and consume with the same features and functions as IC card prepayment gas meter. Gas utilities can get operational data of the meters in real time, while controlling the meters remotely.

IC Card

The IC card wireless AMR gas meter system is composed of gas meter, wireless repeater (optional), wireless concentrator and management software. The system can realize two way communications:

  1. Upstream: The meter data is transmitted to the concentrator by Radio Frequency (RF), and then concentrator transmits its data to management center by GPRS
  2. Downstream: The management centre sends a meter reading order or controlling order to the concentrator by GPRS, and concentrator transmits the orders to gas meter terminals by RF.


  • Prepayment
    Gas sales and charges are managed through IC card to facilitate the end users as well as the gas companies 
  • Smart Shut-Off Controlling Valve
    The built-in electromotor valve will automatically close when gas is exhausted and can be controlled remotely
  • Alarm for Attention
    In the event of an account being depleted and any abnormal conditions, a buzzer will be activated as a reminder to recharge the account, as well to call attention to any problems 
  • Automatic Calculation of Gas Consumption
    When gas is in use, the credit in the gas meter will decrease automatically; meanwhile the accumulative gas volume will increase automatically. 
  • Info Storage, Checking and Display
    The gas meter will save its data automatically. Information about valve status, residual gas volume and accumulative gas consumption can be monitored and displayed on the LCD screen when inserting the user card or pressing the inquiry button
  • Battery under Voltage Protection
    When the battery voltage is low or drained by other users, the shut-off valve will quickly close in about 1 to 2 seconds
  • Anti Electromagnetic Interference Protection
    When the gas meter is under interference of an external electromagnetic field, it can measure regularly or close the valve according to the strength of interference source
  • Data Transmission
    The data of the gas meter will be transmitted by a wired or wireless communication module
  • Remote Reading
    Accumulated gas consumption, residual credit, original electronic number, valve status and battery voltage can be read remotely
  • Remote Setting
    Remote setting can be operated to set the original electronic number and clear the factory settings
  • Step Tariff
    Gas utilities can charge customer either by Step tariff or single tariff.Remote Gas Price Adjusting The Gas rate can be adjusted and the effective time of the new rate be set through management software or handheld unit
  • Centralized Meter Reading
    Realize centralized reading function of water, energy and gas meter

Management software integrates the management functions of the IC card prepayment gas meter and wireless AMR functions into one system. The gas meter data can be read by Internet and GPRS, and then analyzed by the software. The management software has professional analysis, statistics and comparison functions to analyze gas consumption, gas consumption comparison of different categories of consumers and gas consumption trends.


  • operator purview settings 
  • basic information settings of gas meter 
  • open, cancel and change account 
  • business point setting 
  • gas price and payment term setting 
  • report statistics, search and print.


  • open and cancel accounts, issue and reissue cards 
  • sell or withdraw credit
  • make management card 
  • checking cards, meter replacing and meter reading.

AMR functions

  • read the present accumulation of consumption data
  • read the previous accumulation of consumption 
  • read and set the balance date of the gas meter 
  • read and set the original electronic number of the gas meter 
  • read and control the valve status 
  • read battery status 
  • read pulses per M3 
  • set the meter reading date 
  • set the standard time 
  • read the magnetic interference times, start and stop time 
  • set step tariff 
  • adjust gas price.