IEC Celebrates its Centenary


In a message to members, the IEC General Secretary pointed out that this year marks 100 years of IEC service to the electrical and electronic industries. He said: “Today, as we begin the IEC’s next 100 years, our job can be summarised in three words – serve the market. That is what we have been doing for a century, and it is what we will continue to do.

“No one involved in IEC work today was there at the start. Gone now are the people who were there, but they had a vision. Colonel Crompton, Elihu Thomson, Lord Kelvin: in life they were men; in our history they are giants. They looked at their world, saw what it held, saw what was missing, and set out to change it. And in 1906, in London, UK, 33 people created an organisation that for 100 years has stood as the measure of their contribution to human societies. Their vision was not just that the IEC would endure for 100 years. Their vision was that it would serve for something worthwhile in this world. That vision is without limit in time.”