Increased focus on demand response


Demand response is receiving increased attention around the world. The International Energy Agency (IEA) has recently introduced a demand side management programme, and ten countries – Australia, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the USA – have already signed on to the project.

The project requires each participating country to develop DR response business and regulatory models that can be implemented to suits its particular needs. The IEA will provide a common template for each country’s work that represents individual differences.

The IEA, an energy forum for 26 countries, began its demand side management programme in 1993, and 17 member countries, as well as the European Commission, have been working to promote energy efficiency and demand side management for sustainable development and business opportunities.

In the US a new group – the Demand Response Co-ordinating Committee (DRCC) – will bring together several interest groups to focus on demand response initiatives and tools. The work will start by reviewing existing demand response activities in the country, to identify best practice efforts. Gaps in the demand response knowledge base will also be identified, and plans will be developed to address them. The group hopes to focus particularly on how to improve understanding of the benefits and costs associated with demand response as it develops recommendations for both business and regulatory models.