Industry Expert Interview Series

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Our Industry Expert Interview Series features exclusive interviews with leading industry experts who are participating in Smart Utilities Australia & New Zealand 2012, either as speakers, sponsors or exhibitors. The event takes place from November 20-22 in Melbourne, Australia. Our industry experts share their views on the industry and their message at the event.

Urban mobility in Portland
Interview with George K Beard, Alliance Manager, Office of Research & Strategic Partnerships, Portland State University, U.S.A.

Europe’s changing energy market
Interview with Pallas Agterberg, Director of Strategy, Alliander, The Netherlands

Demand response – a challenge in New Zealand
New Zealand’s electric industry has a lot to learn about demand response, with the main challenges relating to understanding how the various markets will interact, according to Quintin Tahau, Demand Response Manager at New Zealand’s transmission operator Transpower New Zealand.

Embracing the opportunities of new technologies in Australia
New technology is changing the game in the energy sector, and with it is coming unprecedented challenges and opportunities, says Ezra Beeman, managing director of the Sydney-based energy business intelligence provider Energeia.

Overcoming challenges to the adoption of electric vehicles in Australia
Electric vehicles are a part of our future in Australia, and how this is going to work is now looking a lot clearer, says Kristian Handberg, project manager of the Victoria Department of Transport’s electric vehicle trial.