Industry Expert Interview Series – African Utility Week


Our Industry Expert Interview Series features exclusive interviews with leading industry experts who are part of the co-located events:  African Utility Week and Clean Power Africa, either as speakers, sponsors or exhibitors. The event takes place from 14 – 15 May in Cape Town.  Our business leaders share what excites and concerns them about the industry and their message at the event in May.

Andrew Strachan

“It is a natural fit for SAP to support the African Utility Week in its mandate to making Africa more energy efficient and to run better.”
Exclusive interview with Andrew Strachan, Head: Energy & Natural Resources, SAP South Africa, gold sponsor at African Utility Week 2013 and sponsor of the CEO Forum.

Dean Villet

Itron – a long history of success in the African market
Exclusive interview with Dean Villet, Director of Professional Services, and Imraan Mohamed, Sub-Saharan Africa Marketing Manager, Itron

Kevin Jacobson

MTN Business – passionate about Machine2Machine
Exclusive interview with Kevin Jacobson, General Manager, Business Indirect Sales, MTN Business. MTN is a platinum sponsor at African Utility Week 2013.

Sliman Abu Amara

DNV KEMA – Africa in energy transition
Exclusive interview with Sliman Abu Amara, Business Development Manager Middle East and Africa, DNV KEMA, an exhibitor at this year’s African Utility Week.

Dieter Gutschow 2

The challenge to quantify smart grid investment’s benefit
Exclusive interview with Dieter Gutschow, Managing Consultant, Eon Consulting, South Africa, who along with a senior Eskom representative will present a presentation on: “Quantifying the benefit of different smart grid technologies for overhead lines” during the Smart Grids/T&D track at African Utility Week.

Rajesh Bansal
India and Africa – a somewhat similar distribution business atmosphere
Both India and African countries have similar problems and concerns, especially in the context of electricity distribution. Meter data analytics is the technology which has improved our efficiency and helped consumers to get better supply. As the utilities have similar background, so this technology has equal relevance for African utilities.